Why PR is Insurance for Your Brand

Why PR is Insurance for Your Brand


Why do we buy car, house, or life insurance? To protect ourselves should an accident occur. We don’t want to be left in a crisis, with nothing to fall back on. 

Our PR services are quite the same. When clients are on retainer, our PR team is already in place working on your account. We are fluent in your company, so we are ready to have your back when a crisis arises.

Our communications plan sets you up with a strategically timed formula of media placements, social engagement, and advertising to accumulate positive stories about your brand. So even if you get into crisis mode, you’ve built up a reputation that can help withstand the tide.

Let’s say you don’t have a retainer. You have about three major events a year and a public mishap comes up in the fourth quarter. You call us in a panic to get publicity for your events or to help douse the flames. We will have to drop everything, learn your business, and get our people in place. Not to mention the price of paying upfront for crisis PR… 

Can you imagine getting in a car accident and having to pay the total amount to repair your car and the damages to the other vehicle all upfront without insurance? No one wants that.

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