Pure Sweat Sauna Studio to Debut Savannah’s first Infrared Sauna + Cold Plunge Studio in December 2023

Pure Sweat Sauna Studio to Debut Savannah’s first Infrared Sauna + Cold Plunge Studio in December 2023


October 19, 2023

Media Contact:  Caroline Holden
Abshire Public Relations

SAVANNAH, GA. – Pure Sweat Studios, the award-winning, community-focused retreat for health, healing and connection within, has announced a Pure Sweat Sauna Studio location will open at Victory Station (1800 E. Victory Drive) in Savannah, GA in early December 2023.

Pure Sweat Sauna Studio will be the first wellness studio of its kind in Savannah, GA, offering full-spectrum Infrared Saunas by Sunlighten, as well as a Contrast Therapy suite, combining Infrared Sauna with Cold Plunge by BlueCube.

An oasis for those seeking whole body health + well-being, the Studio’s custom-designed Infrared Saunas offer targeted heat therapy that warms the body on a cellular level, delivering a deep tissue sweat and advanced healing benefits, including detoxification, immunity, weight loss, pain relief, skin health and relaxation.

Each infrared sauna session is a fully appointed, customizable experience. Clients can envelop themselves in chromotherapy, listen to complimentary entertainment + meditation apps, or enjoy a selection of self-care enhancements all while they sweat.

The Studio’s contrast therapy suite offers wellness seekers a synergistic effect that amplifies the benefits of both infrared sauna and cold plunging. Renowned for its river-inspired cold water therapy, BlueCube’s generously sized cold plunge allows full body + head submersion combined with a dynamic water current to optimize the full benefits of cold plunging. Benefits include boosted energy, reduced anxiety, physical recovery, and metabolic health.

Local residents James and Fiona Hagerty, owners of the Savannah location, are passionate about bringing these services to their community.

“We are thrilled to bring the dynamic combination of cold water therapy and infrared saunas to the Savannah community and serve as a place to connect in health and healing,” says Fiona Hagerty. “Experience increased energy, pain relief, sleep support, boosted immunity – the body responds at a cellular level, which is a game-changer. You may come in simply to detoxify, and the myriad of benefits create a ripple effect throughout the body. This is a full-spectrum approach, focused on whole body health as our state-of-the-art plunge by BlueCube and our Sunlighten Saunas pave the way towards optimal health.”

Boutique in design and elevated in experience, Pure Sweat Sauna Studio provides space to not only unplug and recharge, but also as a place to connect, learn and be inspired. Within its wellness lounge, the Studio will host events with local mavens and health leaders, as well as offer thoughtfully curated retail to complement the benefits of the services. Greenfield water system will be integrated within all facets of the studio experience, including drinking water, cold plunge, and shower, providing the purest form of structured, energized water available.

Pure Sweat Sauna Studios will offer Founding Memberships, such as four (4) Infrared Sauna sessions for $99. For more information about Pure Sweat Sauna Studio, Savannah, please visit www.puresweatstudios.com/savannah-georgia.

About Pure Sweat Studios: Pure Sweat Studios offers award-winning, community-focused retreats for health, healing and connection within, featuring state-of-the-art, full-spectrum infrared sauna, float therapy, and contrast therapy with cold plunge. Founded in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2017 by Candice Bruder, and franchised in 2018, Pure Sweat Studios is rapidly growing with nearly 20 franchise- and corporate-owned locations nationwide. www.puresweatstudios.com