M.E. Sack Engineering and the City of Flemington Announce Secured GDOT Funding for Road Improvement Projects

M.E. Sack Engineering and the City of Flemington Announce Secured GDOT Funding for Road Improvement Projects

October 19, 2023

Media Contact:  Caroline Holden
Abshire Public Relations

FLEMINGTON, Ga. – M.E. Sack Engineering and the City of Flemington jointly announce the securement of funding assistance from the Georgia Department of Transportation for road improvements throughout the city.

“The City of Flemington worked hand in hand with M.E. Sack Engineering and & GDOT to set our city up for continued success” says City of Flemington Mayor, Paul Hawkins. “We cannot express how important these funds are for our residents and neighbors.”

The Georgia Department of Transportation has approved the City’s request for funding assistance for road improvements to Old Sunbury Road, Wallace Martin Drive, and Joseph Martin Road. The Department will commit up to $1,330,000 or 70% of the project cost, whichever is less. The project will be funded out of the Department’s Local Maintenance & Improvement Grant (LMIG) Program. These funds will be in addition to any other LMIG funds allocated to the City.

“We are honored to provide our clients with a true partnership,” says Marcus Sack, CEO of M.E. Sack Engineering. “Going above and beyond offering just our engineering services to the City of Flemington is what makes us unique. Our team is privileged to serve as an extension of their team, helping them bring their dreams to fruition with funding from the state, such as this one.”

M.E. Sack Engineering knows the importance of these road improvement projects throughout the City of Flemington, for both residents and visitors to the city. They are honored to have helped successfully secure these funds to make these improvements happen.

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