Jennifer Abshire Discusses Soft Skills Training with SavannahCEO

Jennifer Abshire Discusses Soft Skills Training with SavannahCEO

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Jennifer Abshire, President and CEO of Abshire Public Relations, recently sat down with SavannahCEO to talk about growth in our region and how you can prepare for all the exciting opportunities ahead!

As most locals know, the Savannah region is currently experiencing a surge of economic growth, thanks in large part to the establishment of the new Hyundai plant. This significant investment has not only created job opportunities but has also stimulated growth across various sectors. As the region transforms, companies are realizing the importance of strategic preparation to harness the full potential of this expansion.

Recognizing that success extends beyond technical expertise, businesses are increasingly focusing on soft skills training as a critical component of sustainable growth. Effective communication, collaboration and adaptability have become paramount in navigating this new and expanding market. By prioritizing the development of soft skills, companies in the region are positioning themselves to capitalize on these new opportunities and ensuring a resilient and agile workforce capable of thriving in the evolving business landscape.

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