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There tends to be a combative tone to intergenerational communications. Think of the ongoing Baby Boomer-Millennial “feud,” with constant swipes at each other. Tensions often seem to be at an all-time high; however, alongside this fever pitch of clashing generational ideals, we are currently seeing the highest ever number of generations working side-by-side in the corporate world (5 generations in total, if you were curious), and having all of these ages, talents, and experiences in the same office is our greatest strength!

In the workforce, we often hear the same generational complaints, from freshly graduated Gen-Zers with no practical office experience to the Silent Generation who can’t seem to grasp the new office technology.These complaints are typically followed by the same utterance: How do we change each individual in order to make our company more efficient and successful? The answer is simple: Stop changing and start blending!

Stop changing and start blending!

We have so much ability at our fingertips, from the older employees with years of business acumen to the digital natives on the younger end of the employee spectrum. Imagine what incredible feats we could achieve if we put these talents together!There’s no sense in trying to change the characteristics that make each workplace generation a unique asset. We should insteadbe exploring how to amplify and blend everybody’s strengths to create open communication, cutting-edge ideas, and, perhaps most importantly, a greater sense of respect among all ages. When we stop critiquing our differences and instead see how beneficial they can be, we become unstoppable!

See what truly blending your intergenerational workforce can do for your company and for the world!