Your Brand Ambassador is Right Under Your Nose

Your Brand Ambassador is Right Under Your Nose


By: Justice Dilworth

Who knows the little nuances that make your company special more than your employees? Tap into their ability to be your brand advocate.

What parts of their day are most fulfilling? They may get a kick out of calling that client to say they’ve finished a project or helping a customer find exactly what they were looking for. Maybe it’s that every Thursday Mr. Smith comes in for his coffee and tells a cool story to other patrons. Identifying these moments offer opportunities for augmenting your brand and a deeper connection for all who interact with it.

Minute details matter in service-based businesses. Following up, maintaining cleanliness, and ensuring confidentiality. To a new employee, these details may seem too mundane or even trivial. Your current employees need to be the ones to make the connection between why those tiny details carry greater weight than perceived. 

For product-based companies, find out how your employees use what you sell. A simple “day in the life” could offer insight into how customers use your product or a new way to market it. Say a sales associate of a bakery brings old leftover cupcakes home and adds them to a blender with ice cream and milk. They just made a milkshake recipe that you can use in a blog or social media post, and it’s been right under your nose!

Ask them for feedback. Many companies go through evaluations focused solely on the consumer while the employee experience is an afterthought. Employees are the ones who know that register drawer is faulty and causes an 40-second delay per customer. You could discover a problem before it becomes a negative Facebook review.

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