Why You Want Bloggers to Visit Your Business

Why You Want Bloggers to Visit Your Business


Today’s Internet-centric world revolves around how people perceive you online. You can’t force people to spread the word about you, so positive word-of-mouth is essential. As the famous quote from Jean-Louis Gassee goes, “advertising is saying you’re good. PR is getting someone else to say you’re good.” How do you do that?

One answer to that question is influencer marketing. Enter bloggers. Don’t let the Pinterest-worthy outfits and snazzy settings fool you. Blogging is hard work. These people make it their part-time (or full-time if they’re lucky) job to share their experiences with others. That also requires their own marketing and administrative skills to gain thousands of followers who turn into thousands of views on their personal website. If you aren’t thinking it already, yes they have created their own platform to advertise your brand! 

If you pick the right blogger, you can receive upwards of hundreds of thousands of views on your post plus a recommendation from a real person. People who follow bloggers typically trust their opinion. You want to identify a blogger who’s following aligns with your target audience.

Enter Abshire PR.

We connect you with our network of influencers from inside and outside of Savannah. They can range from a couple hundred followers to hundreds of thousands of active viewers on their sites and social media profiles. It’s time you tapped into that digital audience. Ask us about influencer marketing!