Safe Shelter Launches Spring Cleaning Adopt-A-Room Campaign

Safe Shelter Launches Spring Cleaning Adopt-A-Room Campaign


April 8, 2024

Media Contact: Jennifer Abshire
Abshire Public Relations

SAVANNAH, GA – Safe Shelter is excited to announce the launch of its inaugural Spring Cleaning Adopt-A-Room Campaign, aimed at supporting families in need and revitalizing their living spaces within the shelter. This innovative campaign marks the first year that Safe Shelter has introduced such an initiative, highlighting their commitment to providing a safe and comfortable environment for those seeking refuge from domestic violence.

With 48 beds in the shelter that are nearly always at capacity, the bedrooms undergo significant wear and tear as they accommodate mothers and children in emergency situations. Through the Adopt-A-Room Campaign, individuals, families, and organizations have the opportunity to make a lasting impact by adopting one of the 12 client bedrooms available for adoption.

Each adopted room requires a donation of $3,000 per year, which covers essential amenities such as furniture, lighting, window coverings, ceiling fans, bedding, linens, deep cleaning, and painting. Donors will also get the option of which room they would like to adopt and their choice of provided color palettes. In addition to transforming the physical space, donors will receive special recognition for their generosity. They will be acknowledged with a house-shaped plaque prominently displayed on the shelter’s wall, featuring their family name or a picture of their choosing. This plaque will serve as a permanent testament to their support and compassion for those in need.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Spring Cleaning Adopt-A-Room Campaign as a new way for the community to support our mission,” said Shannon Bates, Executive Director of Safe Shelter. “By adopting a room, donors not only enhance the living conditions for families in crisis but also become a cherished part of our shelter’s legacy.”

Donors who opt-in will also be listed in Safe Shelter’s quarterly newsletter, showcasing their commitment to making a difference in the lives of survivors of domestic violence. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to leave small gifts or notes in the adopted room throughout the year, providing comfort and encouragement to the families residing there.

The Adopt-A-Room Campaign will officially open on April 15th and will continue until all 12 client bedrooms are adopted. Those interested in participating or learning more about the campaign are encouraged to contact Tamaress Alvis at

Safe Shelter remains dedicated to providing comprehensive support and services to individuals and families affected by domestic violence. Through initiatives like the Spring Cleaning Adopt-A-Room Campaign, they continue to create a safe haven where healing and hope can thrive.

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About SAFE Shelter:

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