Preparing for Your PR Rollercoaster

Preparing for Your PR Rollercoaster


By: Justice Dilworth, Account Manager

The business cycle is full of ebbs and flows. If your business experiences seasonality, then you know what months will be slow and which will be so busy you can’t catch your breath. Establishing a yearly public relations plan will help you stay in front of consumers during those slow times.

Let’s think of the typical roller coaster. There is a slow build to the top, then you crescendo. After that comes the descent followed by a series of highs and lows with the occasional twist and turn.

When we create your PR plan, we prepare for all of those externalities. Your big events and high times are a piece of cake. We know how to get you in front of the media and position you for coverage. The low times give us an opportunity to be creative and highlight parts of your business that fit in with editorial calendars or current events.

The inevitable twists and turns are where you see the most value for your PR efforts. The unexpected exposes a business’ weak points and the public will notice a crisis if you haven’t set up the proper foundation. Imagine you’ve just received a hint that bad press is about to hit the stands tomorrow. When someone picks up that paper or clicks on that article, is this the only news they’ve seen about your company in months? What about weeks? 

If you had a strategic PR plan in place, that negative press would diminish in the minds of your consumers because they have been seeing the positive news and stories that you’ve been a part of. Become familiar to potential consumers and provide more for your fans to brag about! Let’s talk about your company’s public relations.