Change is Gonna Do Ya Good

Change is Gonna Do Ya Good

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Over the last few months, it feels as if every person, company and relationship is understanding a “new normal”. When April 1, 2020 arrived, it turned out to be the worst April Fool’s Day joke for many. People lost their jobs, students realized they were not returning to school, and toilet paper and paper towels became scarce commodities. We all learned what shelter in place truly meant as we sequestered ourselves and our families at home. 

On April 1, 2020, Abshire PR heard from 50% of our clients who needed to delay or stop their contract due to financial uncertainty. Other clients needed assistance to properly communicate with their customers and employees, and we jumped in headfirst to help. 

Thank goodness APR is used to flexible workspaces, doing zoom calls and handling change during a crisis because April and May was filled with endless changes and challenges for everyone around us. We adapted right along with our clients. Everyone accepted the changes with a positive attitude but it was obvious many had difficulty with our lives being altered in so many ways – who wouldn’t feel that way!

Recently I read a blog article by Gino Blefari, CEO of HomeServices of America, that discussed the idea of growing as a leader by adapting to change. 

Being a leader in any situation is a job in itself, but being a leader who welcomes change and adapts gracefully is another. Blefari says it is important to “…be proactive about changing course when challenges present themselves. [The authors] place emphasis on combating challenge with change, and even purport that it’s a leader’s top priority to do so,” (Gino Blefari). 

This article prompted me to reflect on how it has affected our business.

During this “new normal” chapter, we have had time to evaluate many aspects of our company and services. We have also seen some new business opportunities appear on our radar.  We like change – heck we have built a business around helping companies brand their efforts and that requires constantly changing to meet customer needs! We thrive on this stuff. Blefari says this about change – “it’s the best driver of innovation we’ve got.” 

Yes, we just made it past July 4 , 2020 and our COVID concerns are still real. But, most of our region is trying to get back to normal and break out of any change paralysis they may have experienced and move ahead. 

Take a moment this summer and spend some quiet time reflecting on your personal and professional goals. Also realize every person you are in contact with is also experiencing some kind of change so show some extra patience for your colleagues.

Perhaps you will discover as we did at APR that Elton John’s classic song, Honky Cat, did say it best that “change is gonna do ya good.”

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