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Growing up, we all heard repeatedly to use those magic words....”Please” and “Thank You.”  It was all about having good manners and using them on a daily basis.  In a recent Savannah Morning News column, Luke Bierman, a dean and law professor at Elon University, challenged us as a nation to “Make America Mannered Again.”

He feels we seem to have forsaken the objective reasonableness of thinking of those around us and more about our own internal needs.  Bierman challenged each of us to commit ourselves to reestablishing politeness as a norm.  Several of his examples are worth reflecting on...waiting to  step on the elevator then let the people inside exit first; knocking into people on a crowded flight with your overstuffed carry-on bag then say excuse me; being mindful of your language when young children and older adults may be around and easily offended; and watching that cellphone volume of the device and the voice using it.

These were just a few of his examples in basic civil modes of conduct that remind us no matter what our differences, we can get along.  It is back to basics.  #MakeAmericaManneredAgain #UseYourManners #PleaseandThankYou



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